What I do. Art.
What I like to do. Art.
What I really like to do. More art.
What I do for fun and recreation. Open water Rowing. Sailing. Windsurfing. Travel.
Where I find inspiration? Everywhere.


Growing up on the waterfront at Thomas Point, just south of Annapolis, Maryland,  kindled in me a deep affinity for the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay,  Tidewater, and its unique workboats. I discovered early on that watermedia is well suited to the fluid, ever changing sea and sky conditions that inspired me to pursue art as a teenager, and that continues to fascinate and enthrall.


In my not quite realistic yet almost impressionistic "sea and shore" paintings, I'm continually striving to capture the ever changing texture of light, water, land and sky. I derive considerable satisfaction when in a completed painting, I can "feel" the scene.


When it comes to photography, I enjoy discovering unique color, composition, beauty or a "story" in unexpected settings. I shoot quickly and efficiently lest I lose that special light, unique moment or elusive subject . NO "photoshop" retouching is used, and the photograph is usually cropped "in camera", NOT the computer. I do however, enjoy "playing" with the  shot by means of experimenting with unconventional lighting effects or utilizing other media in order to yield a final photo that is comprised of mixed media techniques.


Creative Awards:

A Bunch.

Fine Art Awards:

A lot.

Private Collections:



Influences large and small:

 Degas, Turner, Homer, Hopper, Thon, and  Maryland's own Jim Iams to name just a few.


Preferred Medium: Transparent Watercolor and Photography
Education: BFA Virginia Commonwealth University

Getting ready to paint my favorite subject.
"Windy" watercolor
My Studio
"Baltimore Topsail Schooner" Watercolor